Popular Reasons You Should Outsource Your Photo Editing Chores

Reasons You Should Outsource Your Photo Editing Chores As much as you love to shoot, post processing photographs often demand hours of backbreaking work. A lot of you would always complain that you shudder at the thought of having to post process your work after every shoot. Not that you don’t want to or you don’t know how, but being photographers first and photo editors second you feel that your time is unnecessarily held up doing things that can be easily handled by somebody else. The primary need to outsource your photo editing chores, thus, comes from the need to liberate photographers like you from the editing desk.
Reason 2 – Outsource Your Photo Editing to Scale Up
If you own a small photography business with only one or may be two photographers, you could still have time to edit all your photos in house. Over time, however, as your business will grow you will find yourself in a situation where you are perpetually behind on your commitments. The reason being between meeting clients, scheduling work, doing the shoots, answering emails and updating your website you are unable to edit the photos in time. In the alternate scenario, you may just be scrambling through and meeting your deadlines but you are lagging behind on everything else. When you are the marketing manager, main shooter and editor of your small photography business things can get a little frustrating at times! Outsourcing your editing work can really ease your workload.

Reason 3 – Control over the Final Images

Some photographers argue that outsourcing your photo editing can have serious downsides. They point out that when you outsource, you lose control over the final look. Now, digital photography does offer photographers an incredible advantage when it comes to instant review of their work. During the days of film photography this wouldn’t have been possible until the unprocessed rolls of film went through the darkroom. Since building a darkroom was prohibitive, most photographers would outsource the development and printing process. So, evidently, post-processing of a large number of films would be outsourced. Although the same analogy cannot be used here, digital photographers are simply taking their cue from the days of film. During the days of film a photographer would still have some degree of control as he could specify what he needed in the final photos. The same way when outsourcing editing of their digital RAW files, photographers would be able to dictate the final look. You can specify whether they need more light, a flatter look, more sharpness or conversion to monochrome and you would get back the exact look.

Reason 4 – Cost Benefit Ratio and the Ultimate Advantage for your Clients

In as much as clients are concerned they certainly would end up on the winning side. Now, to be honest, a lot of photographers like yourself won’t commit too many images to the clients (unless where the clients specify that they need ‘X’ number of images). This is true for wedding, engagements, family photos and a number of other genres. Digital photography, unlike film, really does not put a limit on how many images you can shoot. In a typical wedding, e.g., shot over eight hours, you can end up with more than 1500 images! The real problem is when you have to post-process these images. This is why most photographers like yourself would commit only 200-300 edited images to clients. With an option to outsource your photo editing, you can commit more. If you shoot really great photos then why not share them with your clients? Most clients would love to get most of the good photos and money may not even be a problem.

Reason 5 – Freedom for Other Stuff

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.”
The last thing that you want is to get into a situation that photographers call “creative burnout”. In the pressure to shoot and deliver those pictures on time you get into a vicious cycle where you are always working. Long hours of sitting in front of your computer, can affect not only your back, but your creativeness and your personal life. Outsourcing your photo editing chores can not only help you to get back on schedule but also keep your creativeness fresh to devise new styles. But most importantly you get a little time for yourself and your family. Now, that beats everything else!

Phowd Solution

Post Processing Techniques
Scalability, value-addition and streamlining of the post-processing work apart, Phowd is a liberating experience for photographers. Many times photographers are unable to expand their businesses as they are skeptical about the whole concept of outsourcing their post-processing work to outside contractors. After all it is a difficult thing to let go of off one’s control over the final look of the images. After all post-processing is what brings everything together at the end of the day. The fear is, however, unfounded. As this is where skilled post-processing hands at Phowd helps photographers with their rich experience and fantastic commitment.
Phowd offers you a plethora of options to select the best editors to work with by opening contests and picking winners from them. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. So, go ahead and list your project on Phowd and enjoy your time away from the computer!
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