How To Make Slime With a BOTTLE!!! 10 SECONDS

How To Make Slime With a BOTTLE!!! 30 How To Make Slime With a BOTTLE!!! 30 SECONDS - No Mess, No Bowl, No Glue! DIY Bottle Slime, hi everyone and welcome back I'm I'll show you a  ridiculously quick and easy way to make slime. You can see all they need is a plastic bottle and I'll show you exactly, how much of each ingredient to put inside then all we have to do is shake up and you get a perfect fluffy slime.

There's no mixing no stirring and no cleaning up messy equipment. You can also use this method to make a no glue or cure slime and that actually the first line shows you how much PVA 03:09 content to put in and the second line is 03:11 for slime activator I'm going to start by squeezing some pure face mask inside and for a small bottle like this you'll need about fifteen milliliters or about  six single masks I find that facemasks tend to be quite concentrated so I'm going to dilute mine with a bit of water until it reaches thefirst marking now .

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