Contemporary Wedding photography pertains to capturing photographs related to various traditions and activities followed at a wedding. For couples, it has become a complete end-to-end solution that is used to capture every moment before, during and after the wedding.

Contemporary Wedding photography is the single most popular format of the photography profession and is the bread and butter for almost all photographers and studios involved in the photography world. Contemporary Wedding photography Vs Traditional Wedding photography Contemporary Wedding photography has undergone a sea of change when compared to earlier versions of wedding photography. When the profession started out, people would hardly pose for a couple of photographs. Photographers never used to be present at the wedding venue. However, with massive strides in technology, Contemporary Wedding photography has grown and evolved into a full-blown profession and an art form.

A photographer is always at hand during all the proceedings of a wedding and captures every single moment. Styles Contemporary Wedding photography has seen the rise of Photojournalistic style of photography where as traditional wedding photography relies more on pictures that are classically posed for. The difference is in being candid and using unconscious posing for a picture. Activities Contemporary wedding photography involves complete indoor photography at the wedding ceremony and reception venue or outdoor photography if the wedding is planned at a scenic location. Almost all contemporary wedding photographers go for a mix of both posed and candid shots at each ceremony.

This is followed up by a formal portrait of the couple in the studio and then facilitation of photographs in the form of digital prints, slides shows and albums.
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