How is TU Delft for a master's in embedded systems?

It's one of the toughest programmes at the university. Expect busy weeks and most busy weekends. You'll be struggling to get on top of the assignments and projects, and mind you, there are a lot of assignments and projects. You'll feel it's a little bit out of your league as you struggle and progress. But I assure you, you will look at embedded systems as being very different than what you thought it was coming here. And I have heard you'll be a great engineer on your way out. I can't be sure of that as I'm still in my first year of the programme :P. But I see myself getting there.
This is my experience. Your experience may differ based on what country you come from and what's your previous bachelor's and job experience.
Depends. If you want to build your career in NL, it's a risky shot. Engineering salaries aren't that great in the Netherlands, provided you can get an employer to sponsor you. Don't expect. 50kE or more. It depends on your perspectives outside the EU, I'd say.
It’s quite good although I do not have much details. Many of my friends are in Embedded who can help you if you want. Send me a msg in FB or Linkedin and I will be happy to give you their contacts and offer you my help about TU Delft in general!
Pretty tough, I assure you some of the toughest days of your life, one of the best in the world, but eventually you will end up becoming a top notch engineer.
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