What is the clearest case of "living in denial" you've seen?

She has a bible-infused mental health cable tv show. This is not a joke, this is not Photoshopped. She is a real woman who has been around for many, many years and it seems that no one can help her stop doing her makeup like this. It greatly detracts from any mental and emotional health messages she’s trying to impart on her show… It can be an early sign of dementia, but this has been going on for so many years. I just don’t understand how her guests keep a straight face while talking with her on her shows. (thank you youtube)
She must be a very strong woman, because I can’t imagine her own friends, family or other mental health professionals (that she has on as guests) haven’t tried to counsel her about this.
My boyfriend used to drink before we were in a relationship. Once we started dating I asked him to stop boozing. He without any hesitation said okay. And it's being 8 years now,he didn't even touched alcohol once.
So, a couple of months ago, we were just sitting together and chatting about all the random things. And I asked him:
Me: why did you stop boozing?
Him: for you.
Me: what about temptations? when you are with your friends?
Him: I don't have any.
Me: why? What if I buy you something that you can't resist?( I was teasing him)
Him: no
Me: why?
Him: I don't want to drink
Me: why? Why?
After lot of asking and pleading .
He adjusting my hair back, said:
My father died because of his uncontrollable drinking habit. My mother had to take care of everything. I know how hard it is for a single mother to sustain in this society. I know that you are so innocent, that you can't even go to any other place without me.I don't want you to face the struggles that my mother has faced. That's why I decided to stay away from alcohol, when you came into my life.
Tears rushed into my eyes ,my face turned all pink because I was crying so much.
I said: I LOVE YOU
He wiping my tears said:I love you too mad girl.
Iam the mad one in our relationship. He is the mature one. He usually talks less. He don't usually express his feelings.
But that day, when he said so,I realized that mature love is not buying chocolates and gifts , but leaving something that you love so that you can stay longer with your loved ones. Mature love is loving someone selflessly and unconditionally.
EDIT : Thanks for all the love and up votes:)
To those people who said that he is lying: May be he was lying, but I choose to trust him. Because love is trust.
And to the people who are saying that I’m gonna leave him one day: We got engaged a couple of days ago and our wedding is in June(yayyy!! :P).
Love and peace to everyone :)
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