50 Vintage Bathroom Makeover 2019

 On Rabu, 07 November 2018  

We finally finished the mini bathroom makeover.  What we thought would be a weekend bathroom makeover at most turned into a two week headache of a project.  Our bathroom is a vintage original bathroom so we ran into a lot of problems.  Every single thing that could go wrong went totally wrong and when we thought nothing could get worse it did.  Our house became a complete mess as I tackled projects for hours everyday, it seemed like we were never going to finish.  But we are finally done and we couldn't be happier with our vintage bathroom makeover.  I'm going to spare all the before pictures since I already shared them in this post.  I will, however bombard you with tons of beautiful after pics!  Are you ready?

Vintage bathroom makeover green cabinet door black bamboo mirror

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets

 Let me just start with the to do list I wrote on the last post about the bathroom.

To do list
  • Sand cabinet doors and drawer fronts
  • Clean, de-dust, everything
  • Prime ceiling, caulk trim and piece of unfinished wall (I already patched it) then prime them
  • Prime cabinets and doors.  
  • Replace drop in sink and faucet
  • Glue fallen tiles and caulk between them and the heater.
  • Paint the cabinet in gorgeous green color, I'm so excited about adding color!!!!
  • Make holes for new cabinet hardware, I bought some really nice ones, I can't wait for that!
  • Shop for pretty shower curtain, and figure out window treatment.
  • Clean up the old light fixtures and vintage mirror, keeping those for now.  

Vintage Bathroom Makeover lace curtain

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green door

I primed and painted everything, inside and outside.  I painted the ceiling the same color as the walls for a nice seamless look.  The door to the mini closet also got painted in the same wall color.  I debated between doing the trim the same color too but ultimately ended with white trim.  The color on the walls is Irish Mist by Behr, the same as the kitchen and dining room.  The inside of the cabinets and closet are also white.
A few details about the closet door.  I removed the handle because the entry door knob would smack in to it and it was all beat up.  I bought a door stopper, a wall protector and a latch to keep it closed.

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets door

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets
The outside of the cabinets and the bathroom entry door is painted in Sherwin Williams Basil, I had the color matched to Behr's premium plus enamel in semi gloss.  I love this paint and the color is so lush.  I purchased new hardware and spray painted all the hinges to match.  I love, love, love the cabinets!  

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green vanity cabinet american standard faucet

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets new american standard faucet

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets goose neck american standard faucet

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets american standard faucet

We ended up purchasing a new faucet and sink because the craigslist ones didn't work.  The faucet was leaky and the sink bowl was oval instead of round and it didn't fit, it was too small.  This was the second set of sink and faucet we purchased.  The first sink was made from a material that felt too cheap so we returned it and bought a ceramic one.  The first faucet had a pop up drain and we just did not like that feature, we prefer the original drain.  Changing the faucet was the biggest headache of all.  The pipes were so corroded that they would deteriorate and fall apart just from touching them.  My husband went through so much work replacing all the pipes and it must have taken him like 8 or 9 trips back and forth to the hardware store to get everything right.  Every single thing we did took us multiple trips to the hardware store.  It was very frustrating.  The second time we went to exchange the faucet we came back home to a flooded basement and soaked bathroom.  We were starting to think this whole thing was a terrible idea.  But thankfully all of that is behind and we love our new faucet, It's a huge upgrade!  

Vintage Bathroom Makeover lace beaded curatainVintage Bathroom Makeover beaded lace curtain shower curtain

It is so hard for me to get a good picture of the new window curtain.  I'm so proud of myself for it, I totally DIY-ed the heck out of that baby.  I used a curtain I already had, and trimmed it to size, I bought a lace curtain at goodwill for a buck plus some beaded trim at Hobby Lobby.  The shower curtain is DKNY purchased from Marshalls.  It's so light and airy in a light beige see through fabric.    

Vintage Bathroom Makeover black bamboo mirror

Vintage Bathroom Makeover black bamboo mirror gold and black light fixture

Vintage Bathroom Makeover gold and black light fixture black bamboo mirror

Vintage Bathroom Makeover gold and black light fixture

I was going to keep the old mirror and light fixtures next to it but I could not resist trying something else.  First I purchased this mirror at Goodwill but ended up using another one I already had in the living room, I spray painted it gloss black, it looks amazing!  After I painted the mirror I couldn't help wanting to paint the light fixtures too.  I took them apart in to 9,000 pieces, cleaned them and painted them gold and black.  This was one of the smallest changes that made a huge difference.  When I went to install them back up the circuit breaker kept tripping, it took me about 5 to 6 continuous hours to get them back up.  We were already contemplating buying new ones because we thought they didn't work anymore.  I really didn't want to replace them because I loved how they turned out so much.  Plus we don't have any outlet plugs in the bathroom so it's nice that they have some on them.  Painting them was the best decision I made for them.  

Vintage Bathroom Makeover gold black light fixture bamboo mirror painting plants

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinet Nate Berkus rug bath mat

Vintage Bathroom Makeover green cabinets

I purchased some other accessories such as the green ceramic planter, rug, wicker waste basket, acacia wood pump and the art print.  The planter was from Marshalls, I already had the plant, the rug is Nate Berkus from his Target line, the waste basket and soap pump is also from Target.  The print is from Etsy, I purchased a white mat for it and the bamboo frame I already had from a tag sale.  Everything else I already owned.

I still have to grout the tiles that I glued back on, this was another pain in the you know what.  It took two weeks and lots of headaches to finish the small vintage bathroom makeover, can you imagine how long it would take to do a full reno in here?  We are very happy with keeping the bathroom as is for a few years now!  I can't pick a favorite element out from this makeover, I really, truly love all the updates we did in here to make this bathroom more our style.  I love that it still feels vintage but it's definitely modernized and completely improved.  I also went above and beyond and organized all the drawers, cabinets and closet, more on that later.  I got a few compliments from guest and the biggest one is "OMG I can wash my hands in the bathroom now, you have a faucet!"  Funny fact, there was always a working faucet in here, people just didn't know how to open it, ha....

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50 Vintage Bathroom Makeover 2019 yulita tiffany Rabu, 07 November 2018 We finally finished the mini bathroom makeover.  What we thought would be a weekend bathroom makeover at most turned into a two week headac...